Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Target strikes again….

I definitely  have a love/hate relationship with Target. I love the dollar section, the clearance, the school supplies and clothes. I hate how much I “need” to go to Target and how much my wallet hurts after I go!

Yesterday, I visited my local Target early to get a netbook on sale. it just so happened the netbook came with a $50 dollar gift card. So I went to visit the lovely dollar section and here are some things I got:

Picture one: Four hard plastic baskets that I’m going to use as their new guided reading baskets. They are super cute and I am working on making tags. It has an example of a tag but I haven’t made the others. Baskets were 2.50 a piece, the stars came in a packet for 1.00 and the ribbon for the tags game in 6 for 1.00

Picture two: I love cute paper! This is 8 sheets of scrap book paper which are beach themed which is perfect for my fish themed room! YAY! Packet of paper 1.00

Picture 3: The green boxes are the flashcards I got which I wrote about in another post. Each box was 1.00 and they will be used for my game boards! In the back in “Great work” stickers for 1.00. I love giving stickers!

Picture 4 &5: THE BEST FIND! These are Addition Learning mats for 1.00 a piece. They are dry erase and easy to check. Each spinner goes up to 12. They spin the first spinner and write the number down in the first box. Same with the second and then they have to figure out the equations! The 5th picture is the back where they will have some practice. These will be a great little center for students to use. I got 3 for the class. I plan on putting it with counters for those students who might not be able to count on using their hand.

OTHER FUN FINDS: I got 2 star pointers for the reading center, 2 packs of 300 beads to use as manipulatives, a pack of construction paper for .99 and some glue!

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