Sunday, July 17, 2011

Classroom management Linking Party!

YAY for my first linking party! LINK UP and share ideas about your classroom management!

Going into my third year, a lot has changed in terms of my classroom management. The first year, I did a simple three step system. You got silent lunch, laps in recess or a parent phone call. I had some who ended on parent phone call almost everyday to the point where I had to change my punishments. Not the best system.

Last year, I did the card system, I had five colors- Green, yellow, blue, orange, red. If you ended on red, I had a phone call home. It worked much better and I believe only 1-3 students went home on red in the whole school year. I thought that is what I would be using this up coming year, but then I found a LOVELY system.

Thanks to Mrs. Bainbridge, I have adapted this lovely system. (THIS IS HER PICTURE FROM HER CLASSROOM, I have not made mine so please don’t think it’s mine! It is all her and she is genius!) clipchart

I’m pretty excited about using this for the next year. I have even typed the entire behavior letter that will go home in the open house packet. My favorite part is the outstanding. I have had a sticker chart in my classroom both years and my students have been obsessed with doing great behaviors to get a sticker! This year, if you end up on outstanding at the end of the day, you get a bonus sticker!

Link up and share your classroom management techniques that work amazing or the not so good techniques. We can always learn from each other!

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