Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Math Work Station Chapter 1

So, I FINALLY got my book! I'm more than excited! I opened the package, sat down with a highlighter and a notebook and started to read! I love her ideas and can't wait to use them!!!

My notes about chapter one:
I know that she said model, model model and I learned my first year teaching that not to model over and over was much harder in the end. I know I will be lucky to have a teacher assistant in my classroom for math. I had the idea that I would introduce the work station with the materials. Then she could pull some kids and work with them to reinforce and model the game. I'm really excited to change math this year!

I also LOVED her idea of the clipboard (pg.13). I know that it's an important tool for informal assessment but why I never thought about it is beyond me. I will be using this idea. In fact, I really wish I already had my roster to make this! :) I do have a clipboard with storage so I will be ready with extra index cards, pens and of course stickers and post it notes! I will also keep in the students files so at conferences I can bring up some concerns I saw with their child.

Help me out and give me some ideas that you had about chapter one!!!! If you posted about it, link it to mine so we can discuss.

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