Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Math Workstations Chapter 2

Loved Chapter 2! Can't wait to see what the other chapters have in store! :)

Based on her reflection and dialogue....

1. I loved the idea of organizing it all by math strand. I feel like that is the best way to utilize all the manipulatives. I also agree with placing items in a small bag for easy access and being able to use them. I know working with first graders, I have to let them play and I think if I could limit the playing, it would be the very best!

2. Create a plan! I am going to take all my math things out and sort them. Then place them in containers with easy labels. I know what I will teach in the first nine weeks so I will make that accessible. My goal is to be able to use all the manipulatives instead of watching them sit in a box.

3. What do I want to organize first? My 2 math shelves. They are pretty well organized but not labeled so I am not sure what is in them! She suggest taking pictures before and after. I will try that but I am the WORLDS WORST about remembering my camera!

4. What do you have to much of? I know I have tons of unifix cubes! Someone gave me some and I have kept them! I'm not sure what I don't have enough of. I know 3d shapes and measuring!

5. I'm really excited about the math corner but I know that I will need to create it somewhere easy for the students. I love my reading center! I'm going to work on drawing out my classroom! If anyone has pictures of a math corner in your room, please link it to me! I would LOVE to see it!

A lesson that didn't go well with manipulatives would have been time. The kids loved to play with the clocks and just looked at each others. I am going to use the clocks in small groups much more and hold students accountable.

7. I will let students use the manipulatives more. I know they learn so much better with these and I always have let them use them for a "hot second" and then put them away. I will no longer do that. They will be for all students at any time they need to use them!

Can't wait to read Chapter 3!!!!

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