Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My first Pinterest DIY

My teacher friend and I decided to do a DIY project today! We LOVED the crates with the seats and thought, why not give it a go? Now, of course, I probably would have never made them without Jenna cause I wouldn’t have know where to start but 2 heads are better than one, right????

First, we took the advice of going to the grocery stores to see if we could get milk cartons for free. That would be a big NOPE. Apparently they only use cardboard or recycle the milk crates so that was a bust. We decided to go to Target to get our crates. We each got 4 which were about 3.48 or so a piece.

Then it was off to Home Depot! We took the advice of some others and took our crates in. The best idea we had all day. We didn’t have a clue where to go or what we needed. A nice older man found and us and whisked us off to the Wooden Wonderland. Then we met the magician in our wonderland. He knew exactly what we needed, did it and kept a smile on his face the entire time! WOW! We left home depot and had our wood part all complete!

Then we went to Hobby Lobby. We looked at several options for the fabric: table clothes, vinyl table clothes, curtains, sheets etc. It was much cheaper to do the regular fabric. Now, Jenna and I may or may not be terrible at measurement and bought lots of extra batting for the cushion. Anyways, we got really cute fabric, lots of batting and ribbons!

All that was from 11:00-3:00 (lunch was included). Then from 3:00-6:00 we made eight fantastic crates. The first one was the hardest because we had NO idea what we were doing but we got them done!

After a long day, with an awesome teacher friend, I’m exhausted but have 4 really really cute crate! YAY!!!

Mine are the red Mickey Mouse ones- Jenna has the state ones :)

DSC06837 DSC06834 DSC06835 DSC06836

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