Monday, August 1, 2011

Morning Meeting

I just got back from a wonderful week long vacation at the beach where I had no internet and no computer! On top of that there was NO target. I really had a great time though. I took my Math Workstations book and did a lot of planning and creating! I also decided it was time to redo my morning meeting!

I was lucky enough to get a smartboard last year and started doing my morning meeting on it. HOWEVER, it was NEVER exactly what I wanted. So, I created my own but cutting and pasting the slides on others that I liked.

I will not be posting this, because I did not create it all and can’t even begin to give credit since they all came from Smart Exchange. I will list the new parts I have added:

1. Morning Message to the kids. This will become a grammar activity but for the start its just sweet messages for us to read.

2. Calendar- Usual stuff- today is, tomorrow will be, yesterday was. It also included the season.

3. Weather Graph- it includes a bar graph for the variety of weather and a temp. gauge!

4. Math Number of the day- which will be the school day number. I have it represented in numerical form, tallies, place value and money! The place value is very interactive and so is the piggy bank!

5. Math Mind- This is where I will introduce a new math word wall a day and place it on the math word wall. For the first few days they will be the number words. So day one will be the number “one”.

6. Sight word of the day- We do 5 sight words a week, which is one a day. We will place it on the board and they will have white boards to practice writing our words. :) I also included line paper on a slide to show how students would write the word!

If you have anymore neat ideas to add, please share! If you want to see my Smartboard lesson, please leave a comment with your e-mail. I will be happy to share but I DO NOT take credit for creating all the slides.

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